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The 2015 Posts I Wish I Had Written

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Jeremy Crane (VP Product @ HubSpot) sent me the Bloomberg Business Jealously List 2015.  It is the list of pieces that Bloomberg’s staff wish they had written. I loved the idea so much I decided to do my own version around growth.  Here are the four pieces of content in 2015 that I liked so much I wish I had written them myself.

Growth Is Optional: 10 Reasons Why Companies Fail At Growth

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The wrong mantras have been pushed.  Product is everything.  You growth hack your way to success.  The way to find growth is to try every channel possible.  Paid acquisition is for companies with bad products.  They are all simply wrong.  The concepts behind growth are much simpler than most people think.  As with most things, it is executing that is the tough part.  Here are 10 things I’ve seen companies fail at executing that prevent them from growing.

Avoiding The Wheel Of Meaningless Growth

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There is a cycle that plagues a lot of companies.  

It typically works like this:

1.  XYZ startup wants some press, so they look for some bloated number to give the writer (downloads, registrations, visits, etc)
2.  XYZ startup then celebrates that press article internally supporting the message that the bloated metric is worth pursuing
3.  In order to get additional press hits, XYZ startup needs to increase that bloated number, so they focus on increasing it (back to Step 1)

The Email Growth Tactic You Need To Be Following

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Back in May Gmail released a new feature in beta called email quick actions. The purpose is to provide a really simple UI to take action within an email rather than clicking out to a different experience to complete that action.  The initial use cases Gmail has launched are RSVPs, Reviews, and one click actions.  This change seems simple on the surface, but I believe it could evolve into a very powerful growth tactic.  As a result, it makes my list of growth tactics to keep your eye on.  Here is why…

3 Ways To Grow Faster Than Your Competition

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Scalable customer acquisition channels are crowded.  Competing for the mindshare of consumers and businesses is tough and not getting any easier.  No matter what growth channel or tactic you are using, you will always be surrounded by others competing for that same attention.  A large part of the growth process is figuring out how to gain a customer acquisition advantage.