Reforge Courses

I pour everything I have into Reforge programs.  I co-host each program with a group of amazing leaders from the top companies such as Uber, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and many more.  Reforge programs are designed to be applicable to your role/product immediately to create meaningful impact for you and your company.  The programs feature material I do not write about publicly.  We go deeper on each topic than anything else out there.  We bring together a community of peer practitioners facing similar problems.  See below for more info.  

Growth Series

The Reforge Growth Series focuses on actionable/applicable frameworks to help you construct a cohesive strategy and system around growth for your product.  This program is best for product/marketing/data team leads (or soon to be team leads). 

Retention +


The Reforge Retention and Engagement series is taught by myself, Casey Winters (former Pinterest/Grubhub), Shaun Clowes (former Atlassian), and Andrew Chen (former Uber).  The program is an intense deep dive on how to create and solve key problems around retention and engagement. 

Advanced growth strategy

The Reforge Deep Dive on Growth Modeling is taught by myself, Casey Winters (former Pinterest/Grubhub), Kevin Kwok (Greylock Ventures), and Andrew Chen (former Uber).  The program goes deep on the most important tool and skill for any growth professional, building and optimizing your growth model.