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7 Principles To Mastering Growth Marketing

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We have a big addiction problem in our industry. Hacktics, the tips, tricks, hacks, tools, and secrets that promise to solve our growth problems.  As a result, marketers now get the majority of their “learning” through this hack-tic based content. As addictive as they are, prescription-based tactics and tools won’t solve your problem, and most importantly, help you become an elite marketer.

Why Focus Wins

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I have come very close to a few very big wins in my career.  Close, is the key word in that sentence.  My first company was a college specific social network prior to Facebook existing.  My second company was in virtual goods a year before social gaming really existed.  Both were in the right place at the right time, but neither turned into “home runs.”  

I could probably come up with many reasons for the wins.  Intelligence, ambition, luck?  I could also probably come up with a lot of excuses for  the misses.  Lack of knowledge, wrong environment, bad investors, competitors?

Honestly though I think that it was none of those reasons.  In hindsight, everything boiled down to one factor...

The 11 Books That Changed My Life

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A year and a half ago my buddy Noah Kagan and I were walking down the streets of New York trying almost every hole in the wall bar, taco, and chinese place.  Somewhere between the Kung Pao Pastrami from Mission Chinese and a pitcher of Mimosa’s we started discussing the question, what were books that had changed our lives?  Not just good books, but ones that permanently altered our perspective on an important element of our lives.

How To Become A Customer Acquisition Expert

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I started my career out as a “product guy.”  But about 4 years ago I realized that product was a small piece of the startup puzzle.  I became fascinated with how products were growing.  Thus, my journey on learning growth and customer acquisition began. Here is the step by step guide I wish I had when I started to learn customer acquisition.  

How I Design My Day To Maximize Mental Energy

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Over the past 5 years I have read countless books, tried numerous supplements, experimented with different diets, and changed my routine to try and maximize my mental energy.  The following is a summary of what has helped me improve my mental energy by leaps and bounds. 

How We Got Through The Trough Of Sorrow

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Spring 2009 is a time period that I hope to never experience again, yet it yielded some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in my professional career.  Those were the early days in the launch of the iOS platform and social gaming on Facebook. Viximo, the virtual goods and social gaming company I had co-founded, was right in the middle of this craze.  

How I Found a Co-Founder, Built a Prototype, and Raised $5M in Less Than 4 Weeks

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In 2007 I was 23 years old, working full time as a product manager at ZoomInfo while moonlighting on a number of entrepreneurial side projects.  I had previously started a few companies with angel funding and a couple small exits, but certainly nothing of scale.  In a whirlwind of a month, all of that changed based on an inebriated conversation while standing over a keg of beer. As the title of this posts suggests, this random keg conversation transformed into finding an amazing technical co-founder, building a prototype, and raising $5M dollars in VC funding.  These major events that typically take months (sometimes years), happened in less than 4 weeks.  Here is how...