Build A Growth Machine

I'm Brian Balfour, Founder/CEO of Reforge, previously VP Growth @ HubSpot. I've started multiple VC backed companies, and grown user bases to millions of daily active users. I write detailed essays on growth and user acquisition that have been featured in Forbes, Hacker Monthly, and OnStartups to help you build a growth machine.

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  • Andrew Chen

    Growth @ Uber

  • "Brian's thoughtful writings on growth touch on key strategic and tactical considerations, making his blog a must-read."  

  • Hiten Shah

    Founder KISSMetrics

  • "Brian writes thorough, structured actionable posts about growth and user acquisition. Every post of his is a must read."

  • Noah Kagan

    CEO AppSumo

  • "Brian has been at forefront of growth marketing, virtual goods and social networks. He spends a lot of time writing in-depth posts with lots of meaty goodness for sharing :)"